About Ashwey

My name is Ashwey.  And I read. A lot.

Let’s see– I’ve been interested in books
since the womb (my mom’s a reader,
too).  I started reading by myself in
kindergarten and it’s been non-stop
ever since.

I read really fast. This is, in part, due to the fact that I have no self-control and can’t stop reading a book that I’m really enjoying.  This is also partly because of my willingness to ignore other aspects of my life (housework and sleep, in particular) in favor of reading.

I read books of all sorts, shapes, sizes
and genres, but I really have a soft spot for young adult fiction. Teenagerhood (and the books about it) have a lot of the excitement of adulthood, with hardly any of the messy bits of being a grown-up.  Besides, I live as a (boring) adult all the time, sometimes I just want to be somewhere (or someone) fun and care-free.  Like in a young adult book. 🙂

I get most of my books from the library, so sometimes there is a long request list to wait through, but I have actually found a few gems just by browsing the stacks and grabbing at random!  Try it sometime; it’s thrilling and a little scary to wonder if you grabbed something intriguing or totally junky.

I choose most of my books based on recommendations or from their covers (sad, but true).  So if there’s a book you think I’d enjoy, please leave a comment!

See you in the stacks,

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